Monday, December 14, 2009

Make-Do Monday December 14

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Make Do Monday with Shari:

Here is a mess of little items in a sewing kit.  A really cheap one, but one that would help out in a bind. I decided to put it in a plastic bag to keep everything together.  But I didn't like the look of it.  

So I found an empty pill bottle and cleaned it well, to get any drug residue removed. 

Then I put all the little odds and ends into the bottle.  Look how nice the bottle contains the odds and ends.  
I thought if I put it back in the plastic bag, I could put a couple of material swatches in it that could be used as patches or whatever.  

This was Easy-Peasy and a good organizational thing for me.

I know what you are thinking-   Shari needs to organize her kitchen counter.  You would be right.............  but that is for later......   I will do it this afternoon or tomorrow after school.... or when I find some extra time............  For sure before Christmas..............  
Have a wonderful day!!!!............

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  1. What a great way to store a sewing kit and would be really handy for travelling too. I look forward to any advice you have on organizing kitchen counters (I could do with some tips!).

  2. Hi :-D Two different times today i tried to leave a comment on your posting, and yet was unable to. However, the second time I attempted to, somebody else HAD left a comment even though it wouldn't let me .... I'm confused.

    Anyways, I had attempted to tell you that I found it quite funny that both of us did postings today having to do with used perscription bottles! God's timing can be so humerous!!!

    A tip for kitchen counters - multiple crocks and clear glass containers, combined with putting things back away as you go. Sounds simple. Trust me, it's N-O-T!!! But occasionally my counters look amazing ;-p

    Cheryl B.