Sunday, August 31, 2008

Then The Winds Came...

Just like I said, the winds would not pass us by. So about 10 pm last night, it became real gusty outside. I don't think that anything blew away or was blown over, but boy did it blow. The pool cover was blown off, but small winds can do that now so that really was not strange. It blew for a couple of hours and then it shut off and we had a nice cool breeze for the rest of the night.

There was plenty of lightning over Tooele way, and it was spectacular. However, they took it all and we had no lightning when the winds hit us. We had a bit of rain and that is great, but even that was not enough to replenish the grounds, it just smelled good. I do not think that we have had any rain for a month or so, at least enough to call rain. Maybe just a few sprinkles once or twice. Ok, now my brain is reminding me of the hail storm a few weeks back that brought havoc to our garden. So, I will now leave this ranting in with all the corrections. This is me!

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