Saturday, August 30, 2008

The End of Summer is Coming

Well it was supposed to hit 100 degrees today and be breezy. However, it was only in the low 90's and a very light wind, just enough to move the air a bit. So maybe the winds will hit tonight, I cannot believe that we will get away from a wind storm. It is just not likely, as wind loves us here.

Since Monday is Labor Day, we have a forecast for rain and the coolest day of the summer, 62 degrees. I don't know how close we will come to the forecast, but I hate the thought of cooling down and having to greet the cold days of winter in a few months.

I am glad that we don't have to plan our activities for the weekends only. We can take advantage of the good weather whenever it decides to show up. The kids are doing fine in the home school arena. One thing that Pilot has trouble with is getting his thoughts away from the distractions that home has for him. It is quite a bit like trying to work at home, and not letting the dishes, messes and other 'home' things distract you from getting your business work done. I have a feeling that we will be doing a bunch of field trips away when things get tough. The library should be a fine place to get some work done. I will be finding other places too. Maybe even my mom and dad's home. The park? I'll be researching this soon. They miss being with their friends everyday and not making new friends. As our neighborhood continues to grow, we should have more kids coming in their ages and that will help.

We finally got all the materials I know of from K12 and should be able to do the Lab stuff in Science we had to skip. Also Angel got her literature kit and now I will start both kids on literature. Literature should be fun and I hope we can make it that way.

Well life is great! See ya!

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