Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our First Field Trip

Today we went to the Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill Air Force Base in Northern Utah. We all had a good time. Even Angel who really did not want to go. But she found some of the stuff interesting. She is going to do a report on Amelia Erhart because she likes her and it relates to the field trip. DreamPilot has to do a report also, but I am not sure what his topic will be on.

As we were there, there were quite a few F-16's flying around and it was fun to see them. We occassionally get to see them here at home, but mostly we get the Apache and Blackhawk Helicopters. We love them too.

Here are a few photos from the museum.
Angel is standing in front of an Atomic bomb.
Angel and DreamPilot are the pilots of their fighter jets.
Above right one of the first flight simulators that was ever built.
Above left is a photo of the ID papers that an airman would carry. One booklet was titled, "If you are captured, these are your rights", hopefully their captor would read the book and know the POW's rights. This was a serious booklet, but we chuckled because not all is fair in war and the airmen hopefully were well trained in how to deal with captivity.
We really had a nice time in the museum and seeing all those aircraft. I understand the importance of our freedom here in America. I am thankful for those men and women who fought and supported the war efforts via the aircraft usage we learned more about at the museum. We got to chat with a few veteran aviators from earlier conflicts and thank them for their service and for the freedoms we have today because they were willing to sacrifice their time for the rest of us.

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