Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Here is mom. The lights were really low in the Restaurant
(Ruby River) and so I feel lucky
the photos turned out as well as they did.
Here are mom and dad (with Angel behind) after dinner. Dad wanted to go outside and have us all gather in front of them as he told us how SPECIAL and WONDERFUL mom is to him. He teared up a bit and we were all touched at the love he has for her and all of us.
This is a photo from one end of the table. I can't find the photo from the other end. I actually can't find quite a few photos.  They were saved but I don't know where I saved them. They did not download from my phone to the computer, so I have got to research this.
Here is Mom's complimentary Birthday dessert!!
It was a HUGE piece of Ice Cream
Cake. It was delicious too. She passed it around all 23 of us,
twice and we still left some for them to clean up!!
She was really shocked at the Hugeness of it!
I believe she was on the phone with
Boy #2 at the time they brought her the dessert.
Here is a photo of mom talking to me(Girl #2). We were talking about the premium m&m's that Boy #3 gave her. They are triple chocolate I think.
I was telling her how I would be willing to keep them for her. She didn't want to burden me with such a big job of storing them for her, so I let her keep them!
The whole dinner thing was really fun at Ruby River.
Mom and dad were great company and they seemed really happy and had a good time.
- - -
Everyone who could come who lives in
townish-to-them were there.
(Girl #2 and family, Girl #3 and family, Boy #2 and family except his daughter,
who had to work I think I heard, Boy #3 and his family except his Boy #1,
who was in Chicago with a church group.)
- - -
It was really nice that so many were able to come and surround mom on her birthday. We missed all you guys, but we were glad that mom could talk to Boy #1 and Girl #1 during the time all the rest of us were together.

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