Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, The Beginning of a New Week

It sure is wonderful to walk out in the garden and pick a fresh, ripe tomato for your salad or sandwich.  And fresh zucchini for zucchini bread and stewed veggies for a side dish with dinner.  Our green peppers are also wonderful to pick and eat fresh.  I have not investigated the garlic yet, so I really don't know if it is bulbing or not.  I have a few other squash and melons, but they are not doing too wonderful yet.  They had a difficult start.  What is grand is that I have the garden boxes done, four of them.  So next year will be easy to get things planted early or on time.  I hope to plant many other things like radish, beans, lettuce, different varieties of tomatoes, etc.

The zucchini bread I made this morning turned out fine.  I think I am out of cocoa which I wanted to add to my batter and make it a chocolate bread.  Then I thought I would add some coconut, but I have run out of that too.  Oh well.  I guess it is time to restock the pantry. 

We have most of our school books now and so we should be able to get started for reals in the morning.  Pilot is going to the Junior High to do his percussion class in B2 tomorrow.  So I will work math with Angel.  We are hoping the schedule we have made will work out, but if it doesn't we can always adjust. 

Well that is all for now.

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