Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A New Day A New Life

So, a lot has been happening here at our home. I have decided to really take charge of my Life and after several months of changing bit by bit, I feel like I have finally found a way to keep my life in balance and working.

I am hoping to combat every challenge with a check and adjustment so that I become unstoppable in my pursuit of my dreams.

As I have mentioned before, we have had some business challenges with the MLM company that we choose to associate with back in May of 2007. The company changed many rules without the Independent Business Owners consent and then when we chose to leave them, they enforced a six month non-compete clause and a 2 year non-solicitation clause on us. So for six months we have waited our time so that we could begin a new business.

Our Freedom Day finally came on March 14th. This was a wonderful day. A day full of new beginnings and new dreams. A time for us to press forward with our future and the desires of our hearts.

I want to thank Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, their wives and all our other Policy Council members in the Team Leadership Development Service Provider Company for their direction and leadership. Without them, it would have been hard to keep our goals in focus and not give up then the Bully came knocking. With the Team Leadership, I have learned so many valuable things that help in every aspect of our lives.

My personal transformation has been a culmination of the things they have taught me, the things I have heard, the books I have read, the people I associate with. I love that I can be with like-minded leaders. People, who like me, are looking for a better self, a better community and a better country and world. By learning and building strong relationships, following God's word and counsel, partaking of the good things in life and building a strong family foundation, we will be a part of making a difference in this wonderful world that God is sharing with all of us.

So with all this said it is time to begin a new phase in my Blog.


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