Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life Is Good

On March 17th 2008 I began a fitness program to bring my body into a healthy conformance. I have been too tired to do much of anything. My anemia has been bad. My knees and hips hurt when I walk very far. I am often out of breath. I couldn't buckle my airplane seat belt without My dear Hubby's help. My clothes don't fit well, and I just am tired of being fat!

So with the help of my Coach and his Coach (who is a doctor), we put together a program that I can do. I am also trying to fix better meals and have healthier choices in our home.

My Dear Hubby, Pilot Boy and Angel are all doing the videos with me. So this is a family affair. It is also a business for my Hubby and I. We are both Coaches and want to help anyone who is interested in becoming fit and healthy. We have the community to help with peer support, the online community is awesome. The website has so much help and information, and the forums are full of lots of fantastic stuff.

So today is day 9 and I am doing so well. It is unbelievable! The program I am doing in not a quick fix nor is it a miracle cure, but it is a miracle program for me. All I can tell you is that I am so happy and getting fit is fun.

I hit play everyday (except Sunday, this is my chosen day of rest from exercise) and I log into WOWY to track my exercise sessions. I also play the Million Dollar Body Game every day that I sign in and do my exercise program with other online members. It is awesome!!!

Come Visit me at Team Beachbody and learn about how I can help you! You deserve it!

So until next time, push play and enjoy your day!!!

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