Monday, April 12, 2010

Make-Do Monday - April 12 Recycled "Jam" Jar - reposted

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Recycled Post

You all know how I love things.  Things, all sorts of things.  

So I have several containers for my bacon grease.  But I finally found the perfect container- it is the honey pot, with a hole or place for the spoon, knife or silicone brush.

So here is my latest jar:  

It looks like it might be a jelly, or marmalade container as it is decorated with oranges.  I suppose it still could be a honey jar, but now it is my softened butter jar.  I usually leave my butter out, as we go thru it quick enough that even in the summer it does not go rancid.  

 I love using cute jars in my kitchen and I will be on the look out for more of these jars with spoon/ utensil holes.  That way I won't be finding knives and spoons laying on the counter or building up in the sink.  Works for me.  

(I guess you can tell that I love butter- just look at me- I am a butterball mommy!!  I also keep my food storage close by.......... actually I only keep my personal food storage, it is stored in my fat cells!  I doubt I will ever starve to death.)




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  1. Hi Shari :-}
    So, you are now done with all of your testing .... CONGRATS!!!!!!!

    I did not link up last Monday as my posting was a recipe, not a tip. However, I do have one to link up this week once you get it posted.

    The old saying "One man's treasure is another man's junk" seems to apply to you and your daughter ;-} I wish you well with that!!!

    The type of 'down home cookin' that I was brought up on is the type that definetly saves and reuses bacon grease!!! Twould be wastefull not to!!! Corn bread made with veg. oil instead of bacon grease is just to bland! And to fry potatoes up in anything else, is like eliminating half of their flavor! And the list goes on...

    I hope today holds many smiles for you :-D