Monday, April 26, 2010

Make-Do Monday - "Spiral Textbook and Beads"

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DIY - What I did this past week:

Happy Face to the Rescue!  

I love my happy face beads.  They are cute, colorful and invite me to be happy.
I received my final text book for my last college class for my Pharmacy Technician Diploma.  This wonderful book is spiral bound, which is really a nice thing.  

However, I have been running into problems with the top and bottom holes on my book pages coming off of the spiraling wire.  This is aggravating to me and so I had to fix the problem.

So I thought of my smiley faced beads.  I threaded them on the wire ends and to my elation, they fit really tight.  I doubt they will fall off, but as soon as I find some super glue (it always goes missing at my house) I will double secure the beads on the wire with the glue.

The beads are doing a wonderful job holding the pages on the wire, there is no way that they will come off now.  I love it!

Desired solution has been acquired!  
No more pages escaping the wire binding!  
I am not frustrated with my new book!  

I am happy!  
and we all know that if momma is happy, then the rest of the family, house, neighborhood, world can be happy as well!!  


Have a great week!  Stop by again next week and share your Make-Do's once again for us to enjoy.


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  1. Well. fifth time is the charm today - I kept trying to leave a message, but the box wouldn't actually come up :-( I left and came back, left and came back ....

    Hi Shari :-) I've missed you! Honest!! So how did you do on all of your tests?

    I like this bead on a spiral notebook idea!!! I HATE it when pages come loose and then it won't let you turn pages right ... grumble grumble!!!

    Very useful idea indeed!