Monday, November 23, 2009

Make-Do Mondays --- Lasagna Soup for Sunday Lunch (Not: "Leftovers Again?!")

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This past week I have been spending a lot of time with my school work. Learning everything I need to know about the Pharmacy is a challenge. 
However, I am up to this challenge!

I have not spent much time on the computer and Make-Do Monday this past week. 
I am still interested in hearing about your frugal successes! 
So please still link up and share!!

Make-Do Mondays with Shari

Saturday night we had Lasagna for dinner and thankfully we had leftovers as well.  So on Sunday it was time for lunch and I wanted to do something a bit different with the leftover lasagna.  

So I took a saucepan and placed it on the stove, I poured one can of chicken broth in the pan.  It was about a 13 to 15 oz sized can.  Then I added another can of water to the pan.  

As the broth water was heating up, I cut the now cold lasagna into bite sized dices.  Then I dumped them into the pan.  

I let the 'soup' heat up and did not add anything else- such as seasonings.  
When it was thoroughly heated through, I ladled it into bowl and topped each bowl with a pinch of pizza blend grated cheese.  
(That is what I had on hand.)   

And served it up to my hungry teens.  They both loved it!  Success was had.  

It was a frugal use of leftovers and it did not seem like leftovers because it was a whole new dish.  We all loved it and I will be making Lasagna Soup again!!!

Most of the time when we have lasagna, we don't have enough leftover to make another meal.  So I can see myself putting a Freezer Ziplock Bag in my freezer to gather the smaller lasagna leftovers together in.  
And after a couple of lasagna meals I will surely have enough to make soup again.

I imagine this would work with leftover taco fixings, any pasta dish, casserole, etc.  I would evaluate my ingredients and decide whether to add broth, water or milk to make a delicious soup.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!!!


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  1. Due to just how much this family LOVES lazagna, IF we have leftovers, it's not much, and they get 'fought' over. I am positive that I shall both remember and use your idea in the future :-D

    Wonderful creativity!!!

  2. What a terrific idea, lasagne soup! I've got to remember that!