Monday, November 30, 2009

Make-Do Monday

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At Make-Do Mondays we discuss how we’re simplifying, downsizing, repurposing, buying used, and using what we’ve got.

It’s a carnival celebrating creative problem-solving, contentment, patience and ingenuity. To participate, share your own make-do solution in the comments or write up a Make-Do Mondays post at your blog, then return here to link via MckLinky. Enjoy others’ ideas by clicking on their link in the MckLinky list.

This week at Shari's House has been one of frustration with our Internet service.  We have mostly been offline and I have been unable to do a lot of pre-work for Make-Do Mondays.  This has been going on for over two weeks now and I have to go to School to get consistent Internet signal.  

This is why I have been late in getting Make-Do up for the last couple of weeks!  So frustrating for everyone, including me!!!

So, I am now at school and I am having trouble with connecting to MckLinky.  

Please put your link in the comments and I will try MckLinky again later.


This past week I have been spending a lot of time with my school work. Learning everything I need to know about the Pharmacy is a challenge. 
However, I am up to this challenge!

I have not spent much time on the computer and Make-Do Monday this past week. 
I am still interested in hearing about your frugal successes! 
So please still link up and share!!

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  1. How frustrating! Hope you get your internet problems sorted soon. :) My Make-Do Monday post is A rubbish dump.