Friday, November 6, 2009

CrockPot Pork Chops in Applesauce

OK, this was written a week or more ago.  Then I stuck it in my drafts and forgot about it.  So I am now bringing it out and linking it to Food on Fridays.  
     So in case you really care, just remember that when I write times and hours, etc., it was for that day, not today or yesterday!!  What a weirdie I am...............!!!  But I am having fun!!

So, it was not dinner time....... yet.  However I had just responded on Facebook to my friend who lives in the Netherlands, and so I had to start thinking of what's for dinner.  (Many of you know Mub, my friend from the Netherlands.  You can find her here Visit Mub.)

She had Facebooked:
My Friend... "is making fake fried rice for dinner."

I wrote: 
Me...  "sounds so good. I am not thinking of dinner yet, maybe in 4 hours. Then I will have an hour to get it on the table. Or should I think about it now and use my crockpot?

Thanks for making me think."   
I posted this 7 hours ago, so around 1 pm my time.

And then I reposted my main thought and I got all kinds of support for 'what's for dinner' from family and friends.

"I am not thinking of dinner yet, maybe in 4 hours. Then I will have an hour to get it on the table. Or should I think about it now and use my crockpot?"

(Friend)*Go for the crockpot!! That makes you feel so free come dinner time!

(Angel)*i say the CROCKPOT MOM!

(sister)*We have a super fun sweet and sour crock pot recipie if you want to try that one some time.

ME: *I put a layer of applesauce on the bottom of the crock, then sliced some really thin white onion, only amounting to about 2 Tablespoons worth and sprinkled them over the applesauce. Then I put 3 pork chops (1.3 pounds worth, they are pretty big) in the pot and ground some pepper, salt and dried lemon on the top of the meat. Now they are on high and should be done in 3 or so hours. I would have used sliced apples, but no apples could be sacrificed for an experimental meal. Hence the applesauce, we had left overs in the fridge.

(brother in Texas)*I don't know why you insist on talking about food on here!! You're making me soooo hungry!!! When should Catcher and I be there for dinner? :) 

(sister)*yum that sound so good too. I will have to try that next week!

(Hubby)*says Shari doesn't know what it will taste like , she has had failures before so maybe hold off on coming.

ME: *I do like to just make it up as I go. Most of the time things are edible, so we don't waste much food in testing. But some things will never be tried again, or even tried to be improved. I will post how it faired later.

(brother in Texas)*Awww we were just walking out to the car too!!!! Oh well maybe next time.


"So the crockpot dinner did go well. We ended up having the pork from the crockpot, it was fork tender, yum! So on the plate was a pork chop, corn, applesauce and mashed potatoes. I thought it was good. Angel liked the pork, Pilot liked it and so... did Hubby. I guess it was a winner! Hurray........"

 Here is my crockpot with a cup or two of applesauce on the bottom.  
Then a few very thin slices of white onion, maybe 7 or eight paper thin slices and finally the very thick pork chops.  

 I also ground some fresh pepper and salt on them.  I have a grinder with salt, pepper and dried lemon in a grinder too, and I used some of that.  I think next time, I will use lemon pepper or pour tablespoon of lemon juice over them.

Then I put the crock on HIGH and let it cook for about 4.5 hours.  It started to smell really good after about an hour and the onions were the first smell to start to waif throughout the house. 

Why the pork chops:

    I have two packages of pork chops that are 4 pounds each and there are 9 chops in each.  Boneless thick chops with very little fat, if any and we got them for $1.90 a pound from Sam's club and still had 4 days to use them.  They were on special because the sell by date was coming. 

So I only used 3 chops for the four of us and that worked fine.  Each chop is about 7 ounces in the raw state, Angel and I split a chop and the boys each had their own.  Not bad.  They are used to more, but we need to re-think our eating habits and fill up on veggies!  So we begin cutting down on our meat consumption....................

So I am going to get 3 meals out of this package and 3 out of the second package too.  That means for less than $16 we are getting 6 large pork chop meals- that is $2.70 a meal for the meat.  Not too bad, well for really good meat it isn't bad at all. - that's $.70 a person for meat.  You really can't cry about that!

Well the meat has been cooking a couple of hours and it is looking really good and the house smells like mom's cooking dinner.  That is such a good thing!  Mom cooking dinner!  Nice..........

Dinner- (the meat in the crockpot) was finally done. So then it was what to eat with it?  

I should have done peas or beans- get some green in the meal.  But I made some other choices for tonight.  Here is the finished product.  Pork chop, corn, mashed potatoes, and applesauce.

I did have some small portions on my place, but I had already started to eat when I remembered to take a photo.  
But at least I remembered to take the photo.  
Too bad I forgot to take one of the finished product in the crockpot or the plates from Pilot, Angel and Hubby.

I hope to get back into the habit of taking photos!  It's tough when I don't have the photos I need for my posts!!

.  .    .....    .  .

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  1. Sounds easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I cracked up reading this post *L*

    $1.90/lb is such a killer deal! I get all giddy and excited when I find them for €5/kg which works out to something like $3.30 or so... Not terrible, but you know how much I like a good deal! I do think certain veggies are less expensive here so I suppose it all works out in the end =D

  3. I never think about using my crock pot when it's just 4 hours from dinner - I think that it's too late. You have just shown me that it isnt' too late.

    You made a dinner that goes straight to my heart. I love everything on the plate :)

    Kristin - The Goat