Monday, January 26, 2009

The Healing Hand

Pilot's hand was released from the surgery bandages this afternoon.  He said it felt good to have the pressure of the splint and bandages removed.  But then it felt unsupported and not so great after a while.  The xray they took looked good and I did not get a very good photo off the computer screen.  We forgot to ask for a photocopy for ourselves.  So this is what we have.

Pilot's middle finger is healing really well. The xray shows that the bones are mending together smoothly.  The ring finger bone is also doing well, however because it was the worst fracture it still has a ways to go.  PA Dave said that the ring finger had a lot of small chips and the bone was in pretty bad shape.  The ring finger needs a couple of more weeks of complete immobilization.  
Pilot asked for a hard cast and the nurse said that they do not usually hard cast hands.  So when PA Dave came in Pilot asked again for the hard cast and he said that he could probably do that.  He said normally they would not, but because he just had surgery 10 days ago, he wants to give the bones a little more time to heal before they begin the next phase of his treatment.  
So they casted his hand and in 2 and a half weeks he should be able to go to a brace and physical therapy.  Pilot's hand will be quite stiff because of the hard cast, and that will make his recovery a bit more difficult for him, but it will be fine.  I guess they do things different these days.  All I remember is hard casting everything and then having to strengthen the muscles after the cast was removed.  Not from personal experiencel, mind you, but from family and friends.  
Here is Pilot's splint and bandage that Angel colored up last night.  It is beautiful.  

Here is when the elastic bandage was removed. And just the padding was left.

Now we get down to the part Pilot and the rest of us have been waiting for..... The Scar!  Wow doesn't it look great ?!  Thank goodness it looks clean and no infection.  His hand looks very well and the bruising and swelling are nearly gone.  Happy Day!!!
The stitches are out and the PA said everything looks great.  Albeit, he needs more initial healing time.
Here is Pilot in the first stage of being casted.  He has his 'socks' on.  One that fits his arm and one that fits his thumb.
Now he has a beautiful red cast that he can keep until February 11th. 
Pilot is all done and now we are home.  He is not sure if he likes his new cast.  He wants it off because it is in the way.  But knowing that he can not do anything with his left hand yet, the cast is a good reminder for him to take it easy and let it continue to heal. 

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