Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thanks for all your prayers on Pilot's hand.  It doesn't bother him too much.  It is healing well, we believe.  He is having a hard time with his restrictions because it doesn't hurt too much, but that can be a good thing.

He goes to the Doctor on Monday afternoon to have the incision checked and probably have the stitches removed.  If all is going well, he should get a hard cast at that time.  I hope to have some new photos then.

Well it is raining again, it has been wet on and off for a couple of days now.  But we still have a good amount of snow.  It is being watered and compacted though.  It is supposed to start changing to snow tonight or tomorrow and the Monday commute is supposed to be fun.  Ha, Haaaaa.

Usually when we have rain in January, it melts all the snow.  But this year our snow base is deeper and the rain can't melt it all.  That is kind of fun, not to be out in though.  But it is nice to still have snow around.

Going to go for now.  Love to all.

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