Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What a day!

I went in for my after iron treatment blood tests. I had the privilege of waiting in the waiting room for about 20 minutes, they were really busy for some reason.

Then off to the Scout store I went. I wanted to find out information about who was on our Scout roster for our Troop. Ryan has not been transferred over yet from our move and we are missing a couple of other boys too for some reason. Michael will either figure that out or give it to the Scoutmaster. I'm betting he will give it to our new Scoutmaster to fix. That would be the best move. And since I am a new Den Leader over the Wolf and Ben Cubs, I wanted to get a list of who were registered with the Scout Council Office and I found out that only 3 out of our 12 boys are registered. I guess I have a lot of work to do, I get to do it because we do not have a Committee Chair person yet who will take care of that stuff. In fact, we don't have a CubMaster yet either. This is going to be an interesting endeavor for me. I do like Scouting and the 8 and 9 year old boys can be a lot of fun. So we will see how that goes.

While at the Scout Store, I got a call from Sprint Cell Service telling me that I needed to call Disney Mobile and get them to somehow get my number freed up so that Sprint could port the number to my new phone. Disney Mobile is going out of service at the end of the year. We are OK with that, as we have wanted to get out of our contract for a while because our phones have not worked very well since we moved and Disney wouldn't do very much to remedy the problem. They just said everything on their end was fine and so we shouldn't have any problems. That was weird that they wouldn't do anything but hey, there was a contract and they knew they were going to cease business so why do anything? They didn't say that, however that is how they acted.

I left the Scout store and made a call to Disney. That call was about 30 minutes and they were going to have to call me back. So off to the Bread Store I went. Just when I got in the parking lot, Disney called back. I spent another 25 minutes sitting in the car, half the time on hold. I finally talked to someone that we had spoken with last Friday when someone in their company accidentally turned off our phones. By the way they said it would take a week to get our phones turned back on, even though they clearing admitted it was their mistake. Well we don't need them any more!! Anyway, they were going to have to call me back again.

So I went in the store and bought the bread. I was in there maybe 10 minutes. I just backed out of the parking place and the phone rang again. So I pulled over again. This time I was told that Disney had gotten my phone number active for importing and I needed to call Sprint to have them import the number.

While on that quite short call, Sprint tried to call me again. I hung up with Disney and then called Sprint back. I spent about 45 minutes with them and they still could not port my old number over, however they were so nice and courteous. I was told that they would put this on Double Urgency Status and they would work on my issue first priority. (They might say this to all Customers, but it did make me feel important and that my problem was important.) So now it is wait and see. I will check with them tomorrow to see how things are coming.

Finally, I was off the phone and able to drive again, so I headed to Wal-mart to get some groceries. I wandered around the store for about 30 minutes, mostly window shopping (aisle shopping) in the Halloween decorations area. That is a fun place. On the way out of Wal-mart there is a traditional place where homeless people stand and hold signs asking for handouts. I usually never do anything, but for some reason today I handed the gruffly looking character a loaf of bread- as I had bought 10 loaves. (We usually put them in the freezer, but I figured he could use one if he was hungry. I would rather make sure one had food than give one money.) I was feeling generous, and you know what? I felt really satisfied to share our little bounty today.

Then I went to see if my Dad was at his shop. But he wasn't there, I hope he was fishing.

Then I stopped at our neighborhood Grocery store for chicken breasts, boneless-skinless that were on sale. I also visited with our neighbor who works there for a few minutes.

Then I headed home. I stopped by one of our neighbors homes in our neighborhood and gave them 2 loaves of bread and a bottle of grapefruit juice. (The dad likes grapefruit juice) He has been out of work for several months and I am sure they could use the bread. The juice was a treat, as they probably are not spending much on themselves at this moment.

I got home just before Ryan did at 2:36pm. I spent about four hours away from home today and most of that time was driving and talking on the cell phone trying to resolve that problem. I feel like I was gone all day!

I then worked on my Cub Scout stuff, we are having our first den meeting tomorrow night. And then after Michael got dinner for the kids, Michael and I went out for our weekly date.

We went to Chili's tonight and had a very nice time. Our date nights have become a nice habit for us. We have been going out every Tuesday night (except 2) since our anniversary in May- so about 4 months now. I wish we had been doing this for our whole marriage. I hope we can continue to do this for 50 more years! OK at 97 I might not care to go out, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Rachael and Ryan are amazed at the growth of the kittens. I find pleasure watching them be amazed at watching and commenting on the struggles the kittens are going through. Such as them learning to walk. They are so wobbly and unsure of where to put each of their four feet. Everyday they get better, and they all have their eyes open and it appears that they can actually see, they follow movement more than they ever did. They also seem to be able to finally hear. They are wandering around the tub exploring. No, we have not moved them into the basement yet, maybe tomorrow after the kids get home from school.

Ryan is doing very well in all 8 of his classes. He is sporting mostly A's and we are really proud of him.

Rachael is also doing very well in her class. She loves to sing and might join the school choir.

Both the kids missed last Saturdays soccer game. It was alright in my opinion, because it was quite cool and very rainy. Ryan was with his Dad in town and Rachael was on a sleepover with her cousin at college. She got to stay in the dorms. We teased her about being a college girl, but she didn't like that. She said, I'm just 10.

Well it has been a very busy day. And I am glad it is almost over.

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