Sunday, June 6, 2010

Make-Do Monday - June 7 - Temporary Pocket Protector

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Here's what I did this last week:

I wanted to put a pen in my borrowed Pharmacy Jacket, but I did not have a pocket protector.  

I was concerned that ink might leak out and make spots.  One of the lower jacket pockets is a spotted mess from a previous user, and I do not want to have the breast pocket have the same problem. 

So as I was waiting for the next learning opportunity I thought of a solution.  A momentary solution.  That will probably last another month.

I took a sheet of waste paper and rolled it up into a tube and then folded the tube in half. I wrapped some clear tape around the tops of the tubes to keep the piece folded.  Now I had a bottom in the tube and two holes in the top.  

The pen fits nicely in the tube and the tube sits nicely in the pocket and now I have no fears of ink leaking and ruining the jacket. 

I can also use my decorative pen I made with the fun dangles I enjoy.  I did put some tape over the folded end to help liquid proof it.

Everything is going great with my Make-Do pocket protector.  I have not had any leaks or problems with writing in my (loaner) pocket.  

What have you done this week?  

Have a great time make-doing in your lives.  See you soon................


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  1. A homemade pocket protector! Great solution to avoid leaky pens (especially to avoid staining someone else's jacket).