Saturday, December 3, 2005

Making Angels

Angel decided she wanted to give angels as Christmas presents for some of her friends and relatives. So we searched and searched for some easy kid friendly angels. We found several fun ones and settled on the handkerchief angel dolls. Then we made a version of a yarn angel and we both really love it.

So below you will find what we made.

Here is the first Angel Hanky Doll we made. It was fun. I do need to use my sewing machine so it will be a while before we make any more. The first picture is a front view, the second the back and the third is a close up of the front. Of course I now see that one wing is bent and the dress in the front appears to have a crease, but none the less, I think she is still cute.


Here are the Yarn Angel Dolls. They are about 7 inches tall.

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