Saturday, December 3, 2005

Making Lambs for Gift Giving

As I was researching Christmas ideas on the Internet, I came across these darling Lambs.
(Fuzzy Yarn Wrapped Sheep) I thought they were so cute and they really were very easy. I used the instructions from the above website as a guide, but made my own version using different materials and wrapping ideas.

I decided to make some little lambs for Christmas.

Materials I used:

black foam sheet shaped lambs
white glue
cotton balls
white yarn, with texture

First, cut out your lamb shape from the foam sheet.

Second, pull and puff a cotton ball to cover one side of the lamb. Put a little glue around the edges you are covering in white and lightly press the cotton ball in place. Do the same for the other side.

Here I have put a drop of glue on each side of the lamb and puffed out another cotton ball right in the middle of the body. See the photo below for the 'sandwich' view.

This is the sandwich view. The very top is one cotton ball and then the layer on the foam form, then the next thin layer and the final body cotton ball.

Now you wrap the lamb with your yarn being careful to cover all the black you want to cover. Make it as thick and soft as you desire. Then tuck the yarn end under the wrapping. Using a small crochet hook or even a quilting needle is handy for this part.

Here is the completed lamb. They are very quick to make. I will be putting a bow on my lamb. It will also become a fridge magnet, or a tree ornament, a box topper (instead of a bow) or something else. I will have to decided when I'm ready to use him.

I will also write a poem to go with it. But that is for later.

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