Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Christmas Treat! (That made it to the Blog!)

Thanks to the Norths for these tasty Gingerbread people!
 Thursday morning at 6:30 Pilot and I watched this moon set.  It was so beautiful!  Hubby watched it also as he was driving home from work.  The photo's don't due justice to the beauty we marveled at.
 Pilot, Angel and I opened one of the coconuts that we gathered while we 
were down on the Keys.   This is what we found.
A tiny coconut.  Pilot did almost all of the work.  And believe me, it was tough.
We definitely do not have the correct tools for opening the husk on the coconut.
I knew that, but Pilot had to learn it himself.
This is such a cute face!
The coconut water was horrible!  I have never tasted a coconut like this one.  It was putrid.  I love coconut and have had plenty of fresh coconut while I was living in Hawaii, but this was terrible.  I don't know if it was a different variety or what, but it nearly made me sick!  It looked right, smelled bad and I already told you about the taste.  The meat was textured correctly and looks great, but it as well tasted awful.  
Despite the outcome of fruit being non-edible, the process was fun as we unwrapped the natural coating and discovered the gem that was encased.  We had a fun evening Wednesday night, it was too bad that Hubby was at work and could not enjoy it with us.

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