Friday, February 15, 2008

Is Today the DAY?

I am hoping (like at least 50,000 other people are) that Today is the Day that I will know where I am headed in the business world. There is word that Orrin will announce today where he has chosen to go and work a new MLM business. I am waiting impatiently for the announcement so that I can contact someone and become affiliated with a well thought out working business.

I have complete trust in Orrin's ability to study and create a business model that will be a blessing to thousands of families, if not millions of families. Times are changing and the way business is done in the information age is also changing. I hope to be an instrument in spreading the idea that we can have what we need, help people at the same time and have fun while doing it.

Our Heavenly Father told us that by the sweat of our brow we would be able to secure those things we needed in order to survive on this earth. Please understand that I know that there is no quick fix to financial problems. I know that hard work is important. I also know that smart work is important, maybe even more so than hard work.

For the most part, hard and smart are virtually the same. I can wash dishes by hand (hard) or use my dishwasher (smart). If I do dishes by hand it takes more time and effort. If I use the dishwasher, I free up some of my time to attack other work or even take time to read and study. For me, it would be smart to use the dishwasher and allow myself time to read from a good book and study the principles that I read. This would be the best use of my time.

I am sure that God would be happy with me if I spend my life improving myself, learning and sharing with others. He would be happy that I made the time to escape my sink and go out and lighten the burdens of my friends and neighbors. This is smart to me.

MLM is not a get rich quick system. The way we, as members of TEAM, have been taught is to use your time wisely so that you can take opportunities that arise to serve others with vigor. We are being taught to be servant leaders. It is awesome to think that we have a leadership program that actually teaches us to be a better person and learn wisdom that can then be used to help others in need. We are learning the actually 'how to', hands on stuff. I have always been taught to help others, but without getting my self in a position of knowledge I have not been as effective as I would like to have been.

I is like how we are told that if must first love ourselves in order to love others. We must first be learning or bettering ourselves and then we can be instruments in God's hands to help others. These last 10 months have been an awesome ride, with 6 of the last months having to sit on the sideline and not work in a business. But it has not stopped me from learning. I have been blessed to be mentored by awesome leaders in person, at association meetings, via DVD's, CD's, Internet Leadership Sites, and Books!!

This 'sit out time' has been a very wonderful time. Frustrating because the business end was put to a halt and we had to wait 6 months to start a business again, but again it is the learning that has kept me in place, enduring the time out and readying myself for the future.

The Future Is Now!!! Hurray!

God Bless you and keep you on your chosen path.


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