Monday, September 21, 2009

Duct Tape Repair

So for this Make-Do Monday I am sharing my Duct-Tape patch job on my favorite jeans.

Here is a photo looking from the outside.  Don't look too bad.  These pants are at least 6 years old, but I haven't worn them for the last year.  I decided to pull them out, I had forgotten I had patched them with Duct Tape.  So I wore them for one day at school.  When I got home, I noticed that they are so thin in areas that I doubt they would last another day.

Here is a look at the inside.

Another look at the patch.  The pants are really worn.

They don't look too bad, but they are so very thread bear.  
I put them on last Friday and just wore them around the house.  Once when I moved, I heard a small rip.  I found the area, it was in the front by the pocket.  So all day, I 'played' in them and let them rip away.  I was careful not to let the tear go down the leg, because I plan on making a good sturdy, double legged bag for my camping grill.

So the make do for today is:

If you need a patch, try duct tape.  I do this if I am out camping/hiking and get a puncture in my pants from a branch or twig.  Also use a piece of duct tape to reinforce your bookbag corner or backpack corner to make it last longer.  I almost always put the patch on the inside.  Duct tape is so much faster than sewing and sometimes it even comes through the wash without coming off.  I am must too busy (lazy) to stop and sew or even iron on a patch!!


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  1. That is so great! I'm going to tell the kids this make-do tip for their backpacks. And I have a favorite pair of shorts I'm not quite ready to give up--I use them for gardening and camping. They are threadbare, like your pants, so I'm going to try the duct-tape-interior fix.

    Great solution!!

  2. I do this all the time! My sweing machine and I don't get along very well.