Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Update

OK, we have been in school for over a month now, just barely.  It is now mid terms, wow time flies when you are at an accelerated school.  I just finished my Medical Terminology  mid-term exam and I feel pretty good about it.  Like it should be 99-100%.  This was a test that we were given 200 medical terms and we had to provide the 200 definitions to them.  It was awesome!  I loved doing it.

I did help Hubby fill out 75 words, his hand was getting sore.  He had carpaltunnel surgery yesterday and his hand got really tired and sore.  So our teacher told us I could write for him.  I had him tell me the definition, and then spell the word.  He only missed one word in the 75 I wrote for him.  Awesome!  He also did not misspell any words.  I was proud of him, at least on the 75.  Now he did really well on the other 125, but, whether or not our teacher will be able to read his writing...........  I did and he didn't do too bad.  However, his writing today was a bit strained and I hope she can read his writing as well as I could.

Well just wanted to update everyone that school is going great.  Now we are off to our Strategies for Success class and then home for the week.  Since we took our Terminology test today, we don't have to come in tomorrow.  So we get a longer weekend.  Yes!!!!

PS: spell check is not active on this computer, so I hope I have been doing OK, I am just quickly typing while here at school.  I might check back later when I get home.  I did not bring my laptop today,  I am missing it, but I am getting by with the schools lab computer.

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