Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chill Is In The Air

It is now Fall in our neighborhood.  Their is a crisp coolness in the mornings here and that surely means that it will be getting colder instead of staying warm in the upcoming days.  I do love all the seasons, however, I could get along with just summer all year round.  It is 9:47 am and it is 63 degrees outside.  Inside it is 65 degrees and I am feeling chilly.  A month ago, 65 degrees inside in the morning at 7:00 am was common, and I never felt chilled, it was perfect.  My how things can change!

Soon the leaves will be changing colors and falling.  The gardens will be giving up and I will have to figure out what to do with the end of the crop bearings.  We saw leaves that were changing color as we drove through Sardine Pass from Brigham City to Logan a week and a half ago.  It was pretty, but the colors should get more intense soon if it is not too dry.

We had ourselves quite a rain storm last Saturday.  We probably got 3 inches in 24 hours.  It was quite torrential for us.  We shouldn't need the sprinklers on for another couple of days. 

I am feeling 'boxy' in my writing these days. Just putting the words down without much effort or thought.  I am not feeling the creativity that I can have when the writing bug hits me.  Now I am rambling again. 

We have a lot to do today.  We have various foods that need to be sorted, re-packaged, labeled, and put away.  I have menu's to write up to use all the meat that I have precooked.  We need to re-package the cookies from Pepperidge Farms thrift store and get them in the freezer.  We have grapes to package and freeze.  Celery to chop and freeze.  There is pulled pork to package and freeze.  Chicken to either cook or pack into smaller packages and freeze.  Zucchini to grate, dice, slice and freeze.  Lots to do in the kitchen area, but it feels good to have this meat ready for our everyday meals.   I have rice in the freezer too.  It is ready to go and just needs to be thawed and heated.  It sure helps when dinner preparation time is limited.

Our crockpot is one of our best friends.  Our pocket cooker/sandwich maker is another friend.  My cast iron dutch oven pots and pans our my other favorites.  I love cast iron!!

Anyway, it is Literature time and then some math and history so I have to go for now.  See ya later.